uxury home buying and selling is a process unlike others. When appealing to a potential home buyer of a $3 million residence, the sales courtship can be fast or slow, depending on several factors. The factors that can be controlled by the luxury home sales person are what set luxury home marketing companies apart from the competition. Beyond a standard MLS listing with a traditional broker, usher our listings towards a sale by appealing to the target market buyer. Through sales and marketing on the front end, we appeal to these buyers with graphics that portray an image of prestige, sales representatives that are well spoken and well educated, and strategies that position your $3 million (or more) home to attract the perfect buyer. But the magic really happens at the point of sale, and that’s when the senses must be stimulated to engage the emotional urges of the prospective home buyer.

Picture this: you are interested in an 8,000 square foot home that sits on a beautiful waterfront with mountain views beyond. You’ve seen the personalized website for this home, you’ve gathered all the information on it, and now you’d like a personal tour. A trained salesperson arrives to meet you on site, and you eagerly anticipate the impending discovery of the house that could be your dream home. The salesperson meets you at the end of the driveway, and escorts you by foot to the entry of the home, pointing out the architectural nuances that were influenced by certain international cultures. You are able to appreciate the perfectly manicured landscape and smell the blooming roses. You catch a glimpse of the way the sunlight streams through the trees as the sun is beginning to descend towards the horizon. Walking up to the front steps, you are humbled by the grandiose front doors. The salesperson encourages you to walk in first, imagining what it would feel like to come home to this luxury house.

As you enter the foyer, you notice that the home’s lights have been perfectly set for a relaxing evening. In the kitchen, the sales representative has set up a mouth watering antipasto with thinly sliced meats, olives, roasted garlic, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, anchovies and various cheeses. After you indulge in a few pieces, you take your glass of freshly poured fine wine, and step out onto the back patio, overlooking the infinity pool, and appreciate the way the furnishings are arranged perfectly to soak in the sunset’ glimmer of orange light reflected on the on the pool’s surface and lake beyond. As you continue the tour through the home, your sales representative suggests which rooms could belong to your children, and the reasons they would be most appealing. You begin to envision yourself living here, and in fact, you decide that you have to have this luxury home. The decision is final in your mind, and you can’t wait to sign the papers.

Now… that would be magic mushrooms sale a proper luxury home sales experience. Alternatively, imagine a home tour that’s a little more… well, standard. You drive up to a beautiful home, and the sales representative’s car is outside, but they are nowhere in sight. Confused as to what you should do and where they are, you wander up to the house and ring the doorbell (something you wouldn’t do if you owned the home). The sales person greets you, while flipping on the lights hurriedly to make it feel welcoming. You walk through the house as the tour explains which room is which, and all the details related to price, upgrades, comparable values on the street, etc. You are trying your best to listen to the details, but after a long day, you are more interested in just relaxing. Instead, you diligently listen to the statistics and file the information away for making a decision at a later date.

Sales Success: Engage the Senses of Your Luxury Home Buyer